What is my wallet
Souq Lemas has a shopping fun with ease of payment each customer has his own wallet with conditions to use
Your money is stored in the SouqLemas
1 – I bought a product and the option of payment on delivery, in this case, remains the amount of purchase in your wallet to re-use it in the purchase of a new product and not necessarily equal to the price of the product returned the new product price here Portfolio calculator deducted the number of new purchases
In case the amount of the wallet is not enough to buy a new product here, your wallet calculator will take the rest of the saved money and pay the rest of the amount by any payment method you like, either cash on delivery, credit card or debit card.
2- If you want to recharge your card and put a certain amount to buy it later you can do
3 – In case you want to put an amount and give as a gift to one of your friends to buy is instead of you you can also very fun to give a gift to a friend you forgot a celebration and you do not have time to shop you will, of course, choose Souq Lemas and ship your wallet quickly to present the amount of gift to him
How can you do it? Easily
Send him an e-mail or via WhatsApp words expressing his occasion with the addition of a link to your wallet but