Souq Lemas offers great deals where you can shop it in your virtual shopping cart. Souq Lemas sells everything at their best quality from fashion, cosmetics, clothing, home tools, electronics and more. Anyone can browse the items offered by Souq Lemas. Everyone can browse and select what you want from the displayed products in all ease and simplicity.

You can make an order online at or by calling our Customer Support Number at +971 50 314 4623, you can also message us in our Whatsapp Number +971 50 314 4623.

  • 1.The First step:

    Select what you want from the products either by keywords search or through random selection, Click on the product on a square add to the basket as indicated in your image to move to the product details

  • 2.The Second step:

    The browser will move to the main page of the product you have chosen,then select the color or size or the quantity and when you are finished click on a square “add to basket” as shown in the picture.

  • 3.The Third Step:

    From there the product will be added to your cart, thus repeat the process with each product you want to add, and when you are done the selection process click add to basket and you will find all the products that you have chosen.

  • 4.The Fourth Step:

    You can also amend on the quantity increase or decrease from this page if you like, then click on a continuation square to end purchase or continue shopping.

  • 5.The Fifth Step:

    The browser will transfer you to the payment information page, here you just need to fill out the required fields so that we can send your request to the correct and detailed address, And select I accept the terms and conditions after you read them.

  • 6.The Sixth Step:

    From there you can click on the completion of the procurement process and the browser will take you to the last page,and here will be the approval of the acceptance of the procurement process.

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