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Souq Lemas, for women and girls, has its own shopping experience, a unique online retail experience in the Middle East. Women and girls who love fashion, from 1 to 50 years old, must shop at Souq Lemas has chosen to wear clothes for all stages of life and satisfy all tastes that are accessible, and the choice of many colors of fashion and authentic urban aesthetic, to become a unique brand, enjoying a completely independent spirit and inspire its fashion-loving customers to experience their style. , Clothing th Daily women’s dresses, sportswear, clothing, accessories and accessories, and carefully coordinated in order to please women and their beauty from young age to youth

The Souq LEMAS was born to be the property of an Arab woman who founded her with her tired hands. When I was still a child, I made a dream and hid it in my bag. She got married and gave birth to 7 flowers that raised her passion and took care of her until she grew up. One day I woke up looking for my dream, which I hid somewhere. There was a glimmer of glitter from afar, I ran to catch him. I was filled with obstacles, challenges and patience until I realized it in my hand and what I got was small shoots called Lemas. I have made this germination every care and overlook to put in your hands. So that you can continue to grow with your care and kindness.

Meaning of Lemas:

Lemas is a flower that grows briefly in shallow waters, blooming to be a beautiful and pure thing, because of the timing and soil as troublesome as the world we live in.

Lemas did really grow up. Yes, I did, and the dream must be real.

Lemas offers women everything you are looking for. Of all the high quality brands, Lemas come with different fashion styles that suit veiled ladies. Lemas adds to its unique and distinctive touches and choose the fashionable style of the lady – soiree – sleepwear – underwear – accessories – shoes – bags .. etc.

Lemas for little princesses choose their own fashion – the best clothes at affordable prices. In this way, Lemas represents herself with her distinctiveness, uniqueness and sense of Arabic and Western in order to gain the satisfaction of every woman.

You can simply now expect what Lemas is.

Finally, I want to thank God who will never forget. I also thank my dear husband who has always supported me for allowing my wonderful dream to be realized. I can’t forget my children, too, who still support me with their kind and sensible words.

We are glad to introduce our market which at your service. We are committed to dealing with our customers from the moment of ordering any product until receiving it.

We wish you a happy shopping and we hope to provide you with some of your needs. We welcome your suggestions and comments through email and phone number.

sincerely,Souq Lemas

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